Browse our FAQ section to get easy answers to our most frequently asked questions. Don’t see your question here? Feel free to contact us or schedule a demo, and we’ll be happy to answer your specific question.

Technical FAQs

Yes! When you begin using us, we provide a self-contained system that doesn’t need to be integrated with anything else if you don’t need it to be. This makes it very easy to experience productivity and security gains on day one for most companies.

We are able to integrate with virtually any system.

Please let us know what systems you would like to integrate with us, and we can provide details on our history with it, timeline to first data flow, and answer any specific questions you have.

You will be able to print to a range of both desktop and belt-worn printers. Most customers use printing to produce barcodes, visitor passes, yard or gate passes, thermal labels, or many other items.

Yes, and they can also be downloaded to be shared with colleagues, law enforcement, Customs and Border Protection, or the Transportation Security Administration.

We can scan VIN numbers, driver licenses, shipping barcodes, and take pictures of trailer numbers, drivers, and anything else you find useful to store in a record.

We regularly add or improve features, and the software is highly configurable for a wide range of uses, including a user defined set of fields. Because of this, it’s difficult to anticipate specific questions. Please let us know your requirements and questions, and we’ll see how we can help. We may be able to accommodate you using the software as it’s already built.

Our solution is built on the Android OS. Since it is self-contained, we’ve never experienced an issue integrating with other systems.

We use a secure Verizon 4G connection to a cloud server, so you can rely on it working every time.

Business FAQs

We’ve worked hard to establish a pricing structure that is affordable for almost any company. Pricing is dependent on how many handheld systems you’ll need, so after we have a conversation to determine your needs we’ll be able to provide you with a straightforward price. That price will be all-inclusive, covering software, hardware, implementation, support, hosting, and replacements if necessary, all in one low monthly fee.

When you click on “Schedule a Demo” and fill out our short form, we’ll set up a time to discuss your needs and the problems you’re trying to solve. We’ll then show you our software, and hopefully we’ll be able to help solve an issue for you.

Our software scans the driver license to speed up the process at the gate and validates the license in real time, so you can find issues immediately.

Scanning licenses as part of a visitor management system falls under the exception for private transactions contained in 18 US Code 2721.

It is also worth noting that PII (Personally Identifiable Information) can be used for validation and not stored in the system if that is a requirement for you.

Our system is guard operated. It is an efficiency and security product, not simply a visitor log, so it is best suited for a facility with guards in place already.

Our solution is fully C-TPAT (up to level 3) and CCST compliant.